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Renee Jahnke


At age 14 a friend gave me an old Nikon Nikkormat he had found at a yard sale. It barely worked but I was completely hooked after my first roll. Since then my camera is almost always close by. 

While my friends were swooning over boys and clothes in Tiger Beat and Teen Magazine, I was obsessed with Annie Leibovitz' work in Rolling Stone. I loved music, and her quiet fly-on-the-wall approach to photographing musicians felt so intimate and real. Her imagery taught me about seeking a connection with my subject, because once this is established magic can happen.


My insatiable desire to travel and spend time in different cultures began with the iconic photography of Life Magazine. My first "Life Goal" was to someday have one of my images published in Life. When they closed their doors in 2000 I cried. I am happy that they have resurrected (for the 3rd time) and the opportunity remains for me to submit something memorable and worthy of this fine publication.

After gaining a degree in photography at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco I have focused on fine art series, live music, and contemporary portraiture for individuals and artists.


I also love shooting artistic concept-driven promotional materials and provide creative event documentary series.

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